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International Consultant
Knowledge Management
& Organisational learning

I'm an established knowledge management consultant with 17 years of experience with nearly 100 clients. 

I work internationally, and have access to a network of high-calibre knowledge management consultants who work with me on larger assignments.
Client engagements include:
  • Developing Knowledge Management strategy
  • Knowledge Management implementation planning
  • Benchmarking Knowledge Management capability
  • Creating Knowledge Management toolkits and training
  • Launching and sustaining Communities of Practice
Click on the headings above to learn more about how we could work together to help your organisation apply knowledge management to enhance the value of your people and what they know.
Chris Collison
Knowledge Management Consultant
Sequel to the knowledge management best-seller,
"Learning to Fly".
"No More Consultants" gives you the knowledge to reclaim your watch from the management consultants who borrowed it!

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         able Ltd    June  2012
Management Consultant in Knowledge Management and Organisational Learning
An international knowledge management consultancy.

         able Ltd        March 2013
Management Consultant in Knowledge Management and Organisational Learning.
An international management consultancy.

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Knowledge Management
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Knowledge Management
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knowledge management
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