Knowledge Management the Crood way!

My youngest daughter is going the see "The Croods"  today - it's the latest DreamWorks production, this time about a prehistoric family about to "leave the cave". I''m secretly jealous that I'm not going too, but I'd stick out like a sore thumb among her group of friends.

The trailers look so good that I'll definitely have to go one way or another - or leave it for the next long-haul flight. This one in particular is brilliant. It has a lot to say about knowledge, learning, innovation,  improvement and change management - not to mention the reaction of teen-aged girls!

See if you can spot the following - all in 51 seconds:

    • Initial problem with someone feeling the pain,
    • Repeated failure to listen, repeated pain,
    • Failure of conventional wisdom and leadership,
    • Recognition of the need for alternative perspective,
    • Innovation and learning from analogues,
    • Experimentation and adaptation,
    • A trumpeted and hyped solution,
    • Disproportionate excitement followed by immediate sense of loss!


Now, does any of that look familiar in your organisation?