Somethin' Stupid - PM and KM?

Just enjoyed an excellent 3 days at the  10th anniversary Henley KM Forum. Against my better judgement, I provided (together with Martin Fisher), a little musical interlude as part of our project report on "knowledge-enabled project management", where we were exploring the perceptions that project managers have regarding knowledge management, and vice versa. So here is it, just in case you ever need it - Music courtesy of Frank Sinatra, words courtesy of yours truly...  KM (Frank) in black, PM (Nancy) in red!


Somethin 'Stupid  (will KM and PM ever fall in love?)

I know I’ll stand in line

Until you think you have the time

To have a meeting with me.

And when I tell you all about

The way to give your  project clout

You’re pleading with me.

On time and cost and quality, your eyes grow large as you can see

why I’ve been sent.

But then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid

Knowledge management!


I can see it in your eyes

That you despise the same old lines

You think it’s just a fad.

I’ve got my targets and my plan,

I manage risks, you understand?

D'you really think I’m mad?


I manage all my stakeholders

and fill up all my sharepoint folders.

That’s what  I do.

I’m learning all the lessons though

I don’t know what’s the best one,

Or if it’s really true.

My project is unique,

No-one would seek to hear me speak, my learning to present.

And now you’ve gone  and spoilt it all by saying something stupid

“Knowledge management...”


If you were in my shoes

You mustn’t lose, what could you choose

To keep the board content?

I guess we’d find a way to save the day by just applying...

Knowledge Management

Through Project Management

<together> Good Management...  (to fade...)